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Tamara Vialpando has worked for Farmington Municipal Schools since August of
2004. At this time, she is the Benefits Specialist for the district. Prior to that, she
was an HR Administrative Assistant. Her first experience with a non-profit
organization was in Denver working for the US Meat Export Federation. They have
offices all over the world and promote the US meat industry. Her first position was
as a staff accountant and then office manager. During her time in Denver, she
volunteered for the homeless shelter for families and the girl’s homeless shelter.

Working at the district brought her to meet a co-worker, Annie, whose daughter is
Peach (Madison), who started Peach’s Neet Feet/Hustle Kindness, a non-profit give
back platform organization, where she has been involved and on the board since
2013. Also, at the district she became friends with Lisa, who was on the board for
ECHO. She introduced Tamara to becoming a board member. After doing research
and speaking with people regarding ECHO, she realized what a vital role ECHO plays
in the community. Ms. Vialpando joined the board in 2012 and has been serving
ever since. She has been Chairman of the Board for over four years