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For over 30 years the children of the Tri-City area have had a caring and safe place to be cared for while also being affordable for families. Your generosity is needed right now to continue this legacy.
While we were able to stay open, our student limit was reduced by fifty percent. Classroom settings had to be changed and the internet upgraded for the school kids doing online schooling. New protocols were put in place that require more cleaning supplies (i.e. hand sanitizer, Lysol spray, and masks) available for staff, kids, and even parents at the check in/out station.
These required changes increased expenses and have been challenging with the decline in income. Putting not only the Preschool’s future at risk but the families’ opportunity to send their child to a safe place.
Your donation will go towards securing the preschool until we can fully open to our normal student limit. Together we can make a difference for the children in our care now and prepare for the future. Donate Today!





ECHO Aztec Preschool

505-334-6135       322 N. Main Aztec, NM 87410       aztecpreschool@echoinc.org

Raising the Future

ECHO Aztec Preschool provides quality, affordable child care to the children of the Tri-City area in a caring environment that promotes school readiness and a lifetime love of learning.

Our Mission Statement

The mission of the ECHO Aztec Preschool is to provide an affordable, caring, safe, secure learning environment for the children of our community.



We meet our children’s needs on three distinct levels of development:


Our curriculum promotes academic readiness for a smooth transition into the public school system’s learning environment. We provide activities that encourage readiness across the educational spectrum. Children get reading and language development based on the UNM TTAP 3 Star Guidelines, and they get an early start on STEM skills with age-appropriate curriculum in mathematics, scientific discovery, technology and computers. Various activities with different arts and craft media encourage the children’s creativity and imagination.

A well-rounded academic approach develops an appreciation for many things in life, such as music, arts, theatre, and science. We introduce the children to each of these areas so their understanding can grow with them into adulthood. Activities such as show and tell, interaction with the seniors in the area, and Library Day at the public library all promote this growth. We take many field trips throughout the year to places like the Aztec Ruins, the E3 Science Museum, and the Bolack’s Museum of Fish and Wildlife, to name a few.

We have 4 classrooms at our center that are split up by age. Classroom #1 serves ages 3-4, Classroom # 2 serves ages 2-3, Classroom #3 is our Pre-K class with ages 4-5 who will be attending kindergarten for the upcoming school year, and our Afternoon Adventures (Latch Key Program) with ages 5-12 years. Weekly lesson plans are created on classroom interest, TTAP 3 Star guidelines, and individual and overall classroom development needs.


Proper nutrition is one of the most important aspects of physical development for children. ECHO Aztec Preschool provides hot breakfast, lunch, and snacks prepared on site by a trained and qualified cook. ECHO began participating in the Child and Adult Care Food Program over 21 years ago, and we meet, or exceed, all government standards of nutrition. In fact, we have received numerous commendations for the quality of our menus.

Physical activity is another crucial part of physical development. And the children get plenty of active time to enjoy with both outdoor and indoor learning center play each day. Many of our activities are designed to develop both large and small muscle groups and provide the proper exercise to ensure a healthy child.

Emotionally and Socially

The ECHO Aztec Preschool believes that the school environment is also a place where the children can receive the emotional nurturing and social instruction that will help them mature into a loving, caring, responsible member of our community. It is important that each child learns to interact socially in order to become a responsible adult. Each child learns the importance of respecting others, respecting themselves, respecting property. We encourage self-confidence and the ability to express themselves, but also self-discipline and following directions.

We consider ourselves as a second family for our children, and our trained, caring staff are always ready to listen to a long weekend fishing story, or learn about the latest addition to the child’s family in the form of a small kitten. We prioritize the joys, sorrows, and concerns of each child.


Our curriculum is designed to instill a passion for lifelong learning by showing the children that learning is fun! Preschool activities follow weekly lesson plans that focus on school readiness, early literacy skills, and critical thinking skills.

The Fall Session takes up seasonal themes while teaching the basic academics of colors, shapes, sizes, directions, music, and language along with developing the social skills of listening, sharing, and following directions.

The Spring Session continues in its school readiness quest with seasonal themes and the introduction of letters, numbers, name recognition, and word recognition. Computers are available to enhance their learning experience.

Each Summer Session has a special theme of its own with field trips, sports, games, plays, community movies, music, and library reading programs. Above all, summer sessions are full of fun activity and just the right amount of relaxation so the children are rested and ready for their ‘academic’ year to begin in the Fall.

Afternoon Adventures

Finding a safe, enriching environment where children can spend time after school is a significant concern for today’s busy parent. ECHO Aztec Preschool has added ECHO Afternoon Adventures for children ages 5-12. As the name implies, this afternoon program extends the “adventure” of learning into the afternoon. Afternoon Adventures works to fine tune critical literary skills with activities like reading aloud and writing stories or plays to be performed for the preschool children. Additionally, the program offers a variety of activities that promote life skills such as teamwork, problem solving, creativity, leadership, sportsmanship, and community service. The program provides transportation from the public schools to our facility. The children are greeted by our friendly, trained staff who have a nutritious snack waiting for this always-hungry group of kids. The children are offered quiet time, homework time, and activity time while waiting for their parents to pick them up after work.

Child and Adult Care Food Program

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