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In May 2016, a family approached us struggling with the idea of placing their child in preschool. Their sweet little girl had suffered brain injuries during the birthing process and was diagnosed with physical and cognitive disabilities. However, at this time in their lives there was no other choice, as being a stay at home mother was no longer financially an option.

After touring many centers, they had decided that our preschool was the best fit for their daughter. She struggled tremendously with transitions and the use of her right arm. To help meet their daughter’s therapy needs, we welcomed Roundtree to our center. After a few months of collaboration, we noticed a great deal of progress with her daily routine transitions and motor skills. In working together, even in such a short time, both her parents and Roundtree agreed that the preschool could meet all her needs and Roundtree was no longer needed at home or at the center.

Aside from being able to provide quality childcare, we were able to offer affordable weekly rates as this family was just above the CYFD Childcare income guidelines.