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This year for Giving Tuesday we are asking you to extend your generosity to ECHO Preschool.

For over 30 years the children of the Tri-City area have had a caring and safe place to be cared for while also being affordable for families.

Your generosity is needed right now to continue this legacy.

While we were able to stay open, our student limit was reduced by fifty percent. Classroom settings had to be changed and the internet upgraded for the school kids doing online schooling.

New protocols were put in place that require more cleaning supplies (i.e. hand sanitizer, Lysol spray, and masks) available for staff, kids, and even parents at the check in/out station.

All the required changes increased expenses and have been challenging with the decline in income. Putting not only the Preschool’s future at risk but the families’ opportunity to continue to send their child to a safe place.

This Giving Tuesday we ask you to open your hearts to the children in our community needing a safe place to go while their families work hard during these times.

Your generosity today will go towards securing the preschool through these challenging times until we can fully open. Everything makes a impact!

Together we can make a difference for the children in our care now and prepare for the future.


Donate Today!