ECHO Aztec Preschool -- Raising the Future !!!
ECHO Aztec Preschool provides quality, affordable child care to the children of the Tri-City area in a caring environment that promotes school readiness and a lifetime love of learning.

Our Mission Statement


The mission of the ECHO Aztec Preschool is to provide an affordable, caring, safe, secure learning environment for the children of our community.


The ECHO Aztec Preschool meets the needs of our children in three distinct levels of development:




By providing a curriculum that promotes academic readiness to transition into the public school system's learning environment we offer activities that encourage readiness in:


  1. Reading and language development with participation in the nationally accredited DIBELS program for ages 2-5 years.
  2. Mathematics.
  3. Scientific Discovery
  4. Technology with computers available to children in each classroom.
  5. Creativity and imagination through various arts and crafts media.




There are many aspects to physical development. One of the major areas is proper nutrition for children.  ECHO Aztec Preschool provides hot breakfast, lunch and snacks prepared on site by a trained and qualified cook.  ECHO has participated in the Child and Adult Care Food Program for over 21 years.  We meet, or exceed, all government standards of nutrition. We have received numerous commendations for the quality of our menus.

Another aspect of physical development is physical activity.  The children enjoy both outdoor and indoor learning center play each day.

Activities are designed to develop both large and small muscles ensuring a healthy child. 


Emotionally and Socially


The ECHO Aztec Preschool believes that the school is not only a place of academic learning, as important as that may be, but also a place the children can receive the emotional nurturing and social instruction that will produce a loving, caring responsible member of our community.  We consider ourselves to be a "second family" for our children.  The trained, caring staff are always ready to listen to a long weekend fishing story or to learn about the latest addition to the child's family in the form of a small kitten -- the joys, the sorrows, the concerns of each child.  The staff often wear the hats of mothers, nurses, playmates and teachers.


In order to become a responsible adult, it is important that each child learns to interact socially.  We instill within each child a respect for authority, respect for others, respect for property, empathy for other's feelings, self-confidence and the ability to express themselves.  They learn self-discipline and to follow directions.


A well rounded individual develops an appreciation for many things in life, such as music, arts, theatre and science.  We expose the children to each of these areas so their appreciation can grow with them into adulthood. Activities such as show and tell, interaction with the seniors in the area, the Annual Christmas Musical and Library Day at the public library all promote this growth.  Field trips into the community to experience the County Fair, Christmas Parade, Fiesta Days and more all expose the children to aspects of life in their community and their world.




ECHO Aztec Preschool was established to provide quality, affordable child care to our community.  To meet the economic needs of our community, tuition for each child is based on a sliding fee scale according to the family income and number in the family.




Our goal is to instill within the children the concept that learning is fun!  Preschool activities are based on a monthly theme.  These themes focus on school readiness, early literacy skills and critical thinking skills.  The nationally acclaimed DIBELS assessment tool evaluates and supports each child's growth and development.


The Fall Session takes up seasonal themes while teaching the basic academics of colors, shapes, sizes, directions, music and language along with developing the social skills of listening, sharing and following directions.


The Spring Session continues in its school readiness quest with seasonal themes and the introduction of letters, numbers, name recognition and word recognition.  Computers are available in each classroom to enhance the learning experience.


Each Summer Session has a special theme of its own with field trips, sports, games, plays, community movies, music and library reading programs.  Above all, summer sessions are full of fun activity and just the right amount of relaxation so the children are rested and ready for their 'academic' year to begin in the Fall.


Afternoon Adventures


For today's busy parent finding a safe, enriching environment where children can spend time after school is a significant concern.  To that end, ECHO Aztec Preschool has added ECHO Afternoon Adventures for children in grades 1 - 6.  As the name implies, this afternoon program extends the "adventure" of learning into the afternoon.  Afternoon Adventures works to fine tune critical literary skills with activities like reading aloud and writing stories or plays to be performed for the preschool children.  Additionally, the program offers a variety of activities that promote life skills such as teamwork, problem solving, creativity, leadership, sportsmanship and community service.  The program provides transportation from the public schools to our facility. The children are greeted by our friendly, trained staff who have a nutritious snack waiting for this 'always hungry' group of kids.  The children are offered quiet time, homework time and activity time while waiting for their parents to arrive after a long busy day.

About the Company


ECHO Aztec Preschool provides early educational programs to approximately 100 children per semester from the Tri-City area.  Skilled teachers guide the children through hands-on activities designed to stimulate the imagination and increase cognitive skills necessary for both their school career and throughout life.  We believe, and instill in the children, that LEARNING IS FUN!!!