Meet an ECHO family

Aztec Couple Qualifies for the ECHO HOPE Housing Program



The Randalls, Austin and Brooke, are a young couple who met in high school in Aztec. She was the cheerleading team captain, he was voted ‘biggest flirt’ of his Senior Class; they were a perfect match. After high school, they both went to college to earn their bachelor degrees on academic scholarships and graduated with honors. Austin landed a job with the City of Aztec while Brooke is looking forward to being a stay-at-home mom.


 After five years of marriage Austin and Brooke will welcome a new addition to their family in July. Both are tremendously excited with the thought of their new son’s arrival. To add to their excitement, the Randalls will move into their new ECHO built home this summer.


 It is so cool to watch such a nice young couple prepare for their new home and talk about their dreams. Austin, an experienced hunter, is looking forward to having his own place to display his many trophies. Brooke, a professed nester, is eager to create a cozy environment for herself, Austin and the new baby.


ECHO HOPE is thrilled to have helped Austin and Brooke with the process of home ownership: beginning with the home buyer’s class, to pre-purchase counseling, to applying for a Rural Development loan, and now to the building of their home.


Many folks in San Juan County think they cannot own their own home, but ECHO and Rural Development are making it happen. We would love the opportunity to sit down with you and see what we can do to make it happen for you. ECHO HOPE Housing Program is a workforce housing program helping families discover that they can own a brand new home.


Come in or call 505-325-7466 to learn more of what we can do to help you become a homeowner. ECHO INC. is located at 1921 E. Murray Drive in Farmington.